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The downloads below are the same as the current release versions. When running in demo mode, there may be limitations of features and number of uses.

Please Note: Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft. Therefore, Paraben software has officially ended support for Windows XP.




Chat Examiner 4.0.8901.2891 Download

Device Seizure 7.6.6114.16799 Download

Email Examiner 9.0.8719.6394 Download

Forensic Replicator (Demo) 4.30 Download

Link2 3.0.4955.28310 Download

Network Email Examiner 7.1.9143.11637 Download

P2 Commander 4.5.9099.8445 Download

Evidence Reviewer 2.0.7928.4205 Download

P2 eXplorer Pro 4.1.7861.20651 Download

P2 eXplorer Free 4.0.6519.20652 Download

SIM Card Seizure 4.0.4954.18937 Download

Dongle ManagerDownload

NIST/FOCH Hash DatabaseDownload

Device Seizure Drivers

Device Seizure Driver PackDownload
With mobile devices drivers can change in different generations of the device. Below are device drivers that might be needed, but are not included in the primary driver back because of the newer generation driver being included instead. Please note you cannot have both generations of drivers exist on the same system so you might have to uninstall newer generations to allow the older generation drivers to function properly.

Motorola Backflip DriversDownload

Extra LG DriversDownload

CDMA Drivers - Sanyo, Motorola, Samsung, Palm, BlackBerry, Pantec, LG, UTStarcomDownload

Palm OS XP DriversDownload

SIM Reader DriversDownload

Project-A-Phone Lifecam Studio DriversDownload

Windows 7 Driver Error Message Updates

The following files are for hotfix patching MS Windows 7 when you receive error messages about trusting the driver install. Cancel the install and then uninstall any of DS that has been installed. Run the hot fix below and reboot the machine. The hot fix is OS version dependent so please select the correct one for your machine.

Security Update (KB3033929) for Windows 7 x32Download

Security Update (KB3033929) for Windows 7 x64Download

Windows 7 x32 "Untrusted Publisher" Driver Dialog Hotfix Download

Windows 7 x64 "Untrusted Publisher" Driver Dialog Hotfix Download